Greetings from The Bright Minds Institute!

We are THRILLED to announce that the Bright Minds Original Whole Brain Training Class that you all know and love is now available in both English & FRENCH! 

Watch in amazement as your child says “OUI” or “NON” as they learn essentials like days of the week, months of the year, letters, numbers & of course endless vocabulary! This class is great for little ones who are already familiar with the language or as an introduction for those looking to give their little one the invaluable gift of language!

Do we have your attention? Send us a WhatsApp on +9715660773 to book your class TODAY!

Congratulations to our Bright Star of the Month for March – Capri!

Capri is a delightful and vibrant three-year-old who exhibits exceptional qualities of independence, problem solving skills and creativity. When faced with obstacles or puzzles, she approaches them with curiosity and determination, through trial and error. Capri persistently, seeks solutions, often employing creative methods to overcome challenges, whether it’s figuring out how to stack blocks to build a tower, or finding alternative routes to link things together, Capri demonstrates resilience and adaptability in problem-solving situations. Capri also shows that she has a great memory and also exhibits a strong desire to assert her autonomy, which fosters a sense of self reliance and confidence in her abilities.

Embark on an exciting journey of decision-making with our Bright Brain Boost Challenge! In just 2 minutes at home, stimulate your little one’s right brain by engaging in a decision-making activity. Use two picture cards or a toy, and hide it under one of two non-transparent bowls or cups. The challenge lies in the parent’s role—switch the location of the picture cards or cups/bowls from side-to-side to add an extra layer of complexity. Tell your child which picture card you would like them to find, and/or ask your child to indicate which cup/bowl they think the toy is hiding under. This exercise not only sharpens decision-making skills but builds a child’s confidence, strengthens their intuition and helps them become assertive and decisive.

We are wishing you a fantastic month ahead!

Warmly & BRIGHTLY xx
The Bright Minds Team 🥰