Happy February from The Bright Minds Institute!

What better way to start the month of LOVE then to welcome a new member to our team! We are super excited to announce that Miss Julie has joined The Bright Minds Institute as a full-time teacher! Please give her a big BRIGHT welcome and be on the lookout for Whole Brain Training classes in French!

Congratulations to our Bright Star of the Month for February – Kylian!

We are delighted to announce that Kylian is our Star of the Month for February! At just 1 year old, Kylian has remarkable focus, impeccable listening skills, and infectious enthusiasm. Having been a part of our Bright Minds family since the age of 6 months, Kylian has consistently displayed an eagerness to learn and engage with the weekly activities. His confidence in attempting various tasks speaks volumes about his curiosity and determination. Even at such a young age, he is able to connect with his peers, spreading joy and positivity throughout the class. Well done Kylian!

Get ready for a memory-boosting adventure with our Bright Brain Boost Challenge! Take just 2 minutes at home to engage your little one in a BRIGHT memory activity. Gather matching picture cards or identical toys and hide them under non-transparent bowls or cups. Encourage your child to uncover the pairs by lifting the bowls one by one. This simple yet effective activity not only enhances memory skills but also sharpens focus and concentration. Watch the joy on your child’s face as they successfully match the pairs. We invite you to share your experiences and any creative variations you introduce to the challenge.

Wishing you a month full of happiness & LOVE!

Warmly & BRIGHTLY xx
The Bright Minds Team 🥰