Greetings from The Bright Minds Institute!

We’d like to start this month with our November Bright Brain Boost Challenge!

Dive into a world of discovery with your little one in our Bright Brain Boost Challenge! Spend just 2 minutes at home engaging in a fun eye-tracking activity. Find a quiet space with good lighting, and hold a colourful object, like a toy or a hand puppet, in front of your child. Move it slowly from side to side, up and down, and watch as their eyes follow the motion. This simple activity strengthens peripheral vision, promotes eye coordination and visual tracking, essential skills for reading and learning, all while stimulating the RIGHT SIDE of your child’s brain. We’d love to hear about your experience and any insights you gain from this challenge, so please share your feedback with us!

Winter Camp is approaching! Our award-winning camp has a maximum of 10 spaces so please make your booking on our website to avoid disappointment!

Congratulations to our Bright Star of the Month for October, Luna!

Luna’s enthusiasm is infectious, lighting up the room each and every week! Luna displays boundless enthusiasm, remarkable listening skills and unwavering confidence. She hangs on to every word and instruction, absorbing knowledge like a sponge. Luna’s ability to maintain 100% focus throughout the entire 45-minute class is impressive. She is a caring and thoughtful little girl and is always ready to help and encourage her class mates, making her a shining example of what BRIGHT MINDS is all about.

Congratulations Luna!

We have donated 10% of all sales from the month of October to The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. 

We are wishing everyone a much BRIGHTER month ahead. 

Warmly & BRIGHTLY xx
The Bright Minds Team 🥰