Greetings from The Bright Minds Institute!

We’d like to start this month with our October Bright Brain Boost Challenge!

Embark on a magical journey of imagination/visualisation with your little one in October’s Bright Brain Boost Challenge! Set aside just 5 minutes of your day to transport yourselves to a world of wonder and creativity. Begin by finding a cozy spot with your little one, perhaps their favourite blanket or cushion, and let your imagination run wild. Describe a whimsical adventure—a voyage to outer space, a deep-sea exploration, or a journey through an enchanted forest—using vivid language and engaging storytelling. If your child is able, encourage them to chime in, adding their own twists and turns to the tale. Not only will this exercise fuel your child’s imagination, but it will also strengthen their cognitive skills. Share your experience with us by tagging @thebrightmindsinstitute on Instagram, and let us know how your little one enjoyed this imaginative adventure!

We are thrilled to announce our Bright Star of the Month for October, Khaldoun!

Khaldoun’s mom first got in touch with us when he was about 4 months old, eager to begin with Bright Minds. Now, at 2 and a half, we are so glad she did! He has weekly private classes and joined our Summer  Camp for the month of August. 

Khaldoun is naturally gifted with music and lights up as soon as the “Hello Song” begins. He knows his days of the week and months of the year and has very strong memory skills. He also excels in problem solving & puzzle activities. Additionally, we are constantly impressed by the large vocabulary and articulate speech that comes out of this chatty and energetic boy. Congratulations, Khaldoun, on earning Bright Star of the Month, our days are full of laughter and so much BRIGHTER because of you!

We would love to hear from you! Please use the QR code & let us know how we can make your experience even BRIGHTER!

We wish our Bright Minds Family a super month, see you soon!

Warmly & BRIGHTLY xx
The Bright Minds Team 🥰